Town Clerk


Town Clerk


There shall be one office of the Town Clerk and said officer shall be elected by the qualified electors of said Town for four years and shall hold office until his successor is elected and qualified. The Clerk shall receive reasonable compensation set by the Town Council. The Clerk shall be known and sign all documents, rolls and papers as Town Clerk. The Clerk shall give such bond as the Town Council may require. The Clerk shall attend all regular and special meetings of the Town Council and shall keep a record of all the proceedings and acts of the Town Council and shall record in books to be kept for that purpose all ordinances and resolutions passed by the Town Council and shall perform all such other duties as usually pertain to the office of Town Clerk and may be required by the Town Council.



Business Tax Receipt Applications

Business Tax Receipt Application
Non-Permanent / Vendor BTR Application

Name Title Phone Number Email
Shawna Gugliuzza Town Clerk  904-879-3801
Susan Mitchell Administrative Assistant to the Clerk  904-879-3801 Ext. 208

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